Thursday, October 29, 2009

Don't want to be alone again

Had a walk with good friends yesterday and because it was after a long period of solitude.
Just can't imagine anythig which is more depressive than having a lot of worries and no one to share them with. I feel like a small child abandoned by parents. Maybe all those elderly people, forgotten by their relatives, feel the same way.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I want to draw pictures for living

Don't know what to write in the first post. Life is full of paradoxes and it is one of them. I like thinking a lot about different subjects, but when I face blank page to write my thoughts down I
feel that my mind is blank. I want to use this blog to pour out everything that's bugging me.
Here's a little bit about myself.
I am eighteen years old, living in Latvia, Russian tongue speaker, deeply interested in all kinds of visual art and deeply willing to become a professional artist somewhere in progressive Europe. I am inspired by people with progressive minds, travelling, urban life, tiny details about people's lifestyles, things which have a taste of life in them, things and places which bear a spirit of history, good coffee, sky during sunset, sky, seaports, biographies, philosofy, community etc. I am, however really exhausted such things: my mother not understanding my art ambition an trying to direct me into becoming architect instead, my friends telling me the same, lack of friends from art community, my personal insecurity etc.
Life is tasteful when you can hear your heart beating from excitement, ironically it took whole18 years to understand. Only now I understood that you have to risk some comfort to become somebody. It takes a lot of enthusiasm and work in right direction to achieve your goals, everything's open you just have to make a litle effort... Oh, I think it's time to finish now or it's getting too dull for you readers.
Anyway, I'm going to post irregularly whenever I feel like sharing something, and I really want to make some friends here.
I also have a gallery on deviantart and only start to post more actively at forums
Here are some pictures that i'm not afraid to show just for beginning.